Full Service Real Estate and Management


J. Barr Realty, Inc. is a full-service real estate and property management company serving the greater Gilroy, California region. Our approach is hands on, with someone in the office every day, which ensures our investors find success. We focus on building relationships with investors and tenants, and are always the first one on the scene if problems arise.

Our diverse portfolio includes over 100 units from 32 investors, including commercial complexes with 59 tenants and 9 buildings and an 11-plex apartment complex. Because we provide property management services to both residential and commercial properties, we are able to help all types of investors with their properties and management needs. We serve investors in Gilroy, Morgan Hill and San Martin, California. If you are looking for property management services, contact J. Barr Realty, Inc. today.

Jodi Barr | Broker, 01047048, Property Manager